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Solsongju Damsoul 40 (ABV 40%), 375ml

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A rice-based Soju that boasts a traditional recipe dating back 500 years, with generous amounts of pine needle and spruce. The secret recipe has been carefully passed down through generations within the family and is now upheld by Heungsun Park, the 27th Korean Food Grand Master.

This exquisite blend involves brewing rice with spruce and pine needles, followed by distillation and proofing with spruce tea. The result is a nuanced pine flavour with a refreshing finish, enhanced by hints of juniper and sancho pepper spice. For an exquisite experience, we recommend enjoying Damsoul on the rocks with a splash of quality tonic water, accentuating the cooling pine notes.

Ingredients: Rice, Yeast, Purified Water, Pine Needle Concentrate

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Store in a cool, dark place away from sunlight.