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Mamas Farm

Moon 320 Pine Nut (ABV 12%), 500ml

$37.90 SGD
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Crafted with yellow pine nuts renowned for their robust aroma and flavour, this beverage offers a unique blend of sourness, sweetness, and savouriness, complemented by the delicate essence of pine nuts. It is best enjoyed chilled.

Pairing it with a light yet savoury meat dish enhances the richness of the pine nut flavour. Additionally, its sweet profile serves as a perfect counterbalance to spicy foods, neutralising their heat.

Product information

Keep refrigerated between 0°C to 4°C.

About Mamas Farm

The village company is renowned for its expertise in natural fermentation, proudly producing a range of traditional Korean products that exemplify the essence of authenticity. Using locally sourced ingredients, they meticulously recreate traditional flavours, ensuring each product embodies the rich heritage of Korean cuisine. Beyond their culinary offerings, the company also dedicates itself to knowledge-sharing, hosting informative sessions to educate and empower individuals about the art of fermentation.