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Myeongin Myeongchon

Tangerine Treats [감귤 과즐], 150g

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Crafted from fermented home-grown tangerine extract and locally sourced wheat flour, these snacks consist of fried dough pieces delicately sprayed with a blend of grain syrup and tangerine peel juice, then coated with puffed rice.

Prepared with minimal oil, they offer a subtle scent and a sweet taste. An ideal accompaniment to tea, these snacks can be stored in a sealed container to preserve their unique flavour for an extended period.
Weight: 150g
Weight: 150g

Product information

Native Wheat, Grain Syrup, Fried Rice, Tangerine Fruit Juice, Sugar, Milk, Citrus Unshiu, Ginger Ale, Solar Salt

Store in a cool, dark place away from sunlight.