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1932 Pocheon Ildong

Damun Black Rice Makgeolli (ABV 6.5%), 750ml

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Unlike traditional makgeolli, this makgeolli is fermented with black rice, offering a distinct natural sweetness accompanied by a velvety, milky texture that envelops the palate, delivering a unique and gratifying drinking sensation.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Black Rice, Lactic Acid Yeast, Purified Enzyme

Product information

Keep refrigerated between 0°C to 4°C.

About 1932 Pocheon Ildong

With its roots tracing back to 1932, this makgeolli producer has navigated numerous trials and errors in its pursuit of traditional production secrets. Remaining steadfast to its commitment, the company has exclusively relied on natural spring water sourced from 160 meters underground since its establishment in 1932.