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Sool A Won

Bokdanji Raspberry Wine (ABV 14%), 350ml

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A rice-based liquor infused with raspberries and traditional Korean fermentation starter, nuruk, distinguishing it from fruit wines. The gentle rise of raspberry aroma evokes sweet red wine, followed by a balance of sweetness and tanginess, ending with a nutty, dry finish, lending to its lightness.

Ingredients: Mountain Berry, Rice, Purified Water, Yeast

Product information

Keep refrigerated between 0°C to 4°C.

About Sool A Won

Established in 2015, Sool A Won set out on a journey to revive traditional gwahaju while catering to modern tastes. Originally fermented with glutinous rice and malt, the founder, an expert in flower tea, introduced this element to enhance the drink's profile. Using only the finest Korean rice from Yeoju, celebrated for its uniquely sweet and soft flavour, the brewery creates a distinct taste experience. Drawing from their mastery in flower tea, the founder crafts seasonal flavours such as plum blossoms in spring and chrysanthemums in fall.