Sajo Frozen Bungeo-ppang Fish Shaped Bun (Sweet Potato), 350g

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Weight: 350g
This bite-sized mini sweet potato puff bungeo-ppang snack offers a convenient and enjoyable eating experience. The perfect harmony of its light dough and sweet potato filling creates a delectable treat suitable for all.

Made with 100% domestic eggs, this snack is packed with healthy nutrients. Its light and crispy texture complements the sweetness of cream puffs, while also capturing the delightful flavour of bunggeo-ppang bread. Indulge in this delightful and wholesome snack that promises the best of both worlds.
Weight: 350g

Product information

Wheat Flour, Egg, Sugar, Sweet Potato, Kidney Bean, Refined Salt, Tapioca Starch, Margarine, Milk, Corn Powder, Sweet Potato Paste, Olive Oil, Whole Milk Powder, Baking Powder

Keep frozen below -18°C and consume within the expiry date.