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Fritz Coffee

Assorted Capsule, 110g

$28.60 SGD
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An assortment of coffee capsule flavours compatible with all Nespresso models. This collection includes four flavours: Old Dog, Seoul Cinema, How's Your Day, and Decaffeinated.

Each box contains 20 capsules, with 5 capsules of each flavour included.

Tasting notes:
  • Old Dog: Dark chocolate, black sugar, pecan.
  • Seoul Cinema: Plum, raspberry, zest, Assam tea.
  • How's Your Day: Dried fruits, caramel, molasses, citron syrup.
  • Decaffeinated: Chocolate, dried fig, walnut, molasses.
  • Weight: 110g (5.5g x 20ea)
    Weight: 110g (5.5g x 20ea)

    Product information

    Old Dog - 40% India, 35% Costa Rica, 25% El Salvador

    Seoul Cinema - 100% Ethiopia

    Everything Good - 30% Costa Rica, 30% Guatemala, 20% Ethiopia, 20% India

    Decaffeinated - 100% Colombian Decaffeinated

    Store in a cool, dark place away from sunlight.