Baba Dried Squid Gimbap, 240g

$8.00 SGD
Weight: 240g
Savoury gimbap with special gochujang sauce. Each piece is enriched with fragrant sesame oil and sesame seeds. Quick and delicious dish that can be prepared in under 3 minutes. Perfect for lazy nights in and hassle-free choice when you crave something tasty and satisfying.
Weight: 240g

Product information

Rice, Pickled Radish, Crab Meat, Dried Squid, Carrot, Fish Cake, Garlic Scape, Starch Syrup, Sesame Oil, Red Pepper Paste, Sauce, Soybean Oil, Processed Butter, Seasoned Laver, Stir-fried Sesame, Fructose, Natural Spices, Mayonnaise, Processed Salt, Red Pepper Powder, Fermented Vinegar, Blended Soy Sauce, Purified Water

Keep frozen below -18°C and consume within the expiry date.